Sunday, June 24, 2007

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Wow, what a weekend!

On Friday, the children and I had a nice day, seeing more historical places. We visited Historic Speedwell. Birthplace of the telegraph. We also visited a historical Ironworks, which was very neat. The children all tried to lift pig iron, which is extremely heavy. If any of you have visited my home, you know I like wrought iron, and seeing how people used to make iron tools, like axes and plows was VERY interesting. We also saw an amazing chestnut tree, pictures coming soon. We also toured of Frelinghuysen Arboretum. Located on Frelinghuysen Estate, the gardens are amazing. The children and I took a nice walk around the Estate. The children enjoyed running around on the greenest lawn I've ever seen! Funny story, their was a old folks home that was touring the same time we were, and we had a old little man following us around. I think he thought I was giving a tour, because, he kept asking me questions. I was showing my children how they trained these fruit trees to grow outward instead of up. They were very cool. The little old guy told me in all his life he had never seen such a thing. Ha Ha. Maybe you had to be there!

On Saturday, the family spent the day at Delaware Water Gap. NJ side, there is also a PA side. The Delaware River is what separates PA and NJ. We took our water shoes and we had a fun time wading in the water. It was too cold to swim. I took a ton of pictures. We also stopped at two scenic overlooks which had amazing views. I realize that I do love to look at the mountains! And the Gap was AMAZING! So beautiful. We got pizza in the evening and watched a movie, while I did laundry. I had to get those mud stains out while they were fresh. Also their was a dead fish floating five feet from where they were playing. Gross!

Today, Sunday, we had the blessing of visiting two different Churches. In the Morning, we visited Emmanuel OPC in Whippany, NJ. It was so nice to visit another Orthodox Presbyterian Church. After the service we chatted with Pastor Howard Currie. We enjoyed the fellowship, and Caleb had fun racing the pastor to the pulpit and back. I didn't get a picture, it would have been great for this blog! Ha Ha... In the evening we debated on where to go. We were going to visit Grace WPCUS church (former pastor Anthony Dallison) but they weren't having an evening service, so their elder Brian Hanley, suggested an other church Trinity Baptist Church. We discovered Albert Martin was the pastor, and Chris said, YES! Rev. Martin ended up not preaching, but we did see him from afar. Instead we were blessed to hear Ken Harris. Wow, the Preaching was GREAT, those Reformed Baptists really tell it how it is! I think I said Amen a couple of times! And when those people sang, it was like a army! The second song we sang was 'O the deep deep love of Jesus. I could have just kept singing on and on. It was Amazing! I really enjoyed the service. We may go back to a morning service when we are back in Parsippany in two weeks, Chris really wants to hear Rev. Martin. We had a great day of worship. What a weekend!

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