Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hot, Hot, Hot

Yesterday was the hottest day of the summer for us. The temperature reacted 102 degrees. We ended up not doing much of anything. We just came back to the hotel and watch TV. The kids actually got bored.

In the evening, we went to visit our old friend Mike and his two girls, Gabriella and Selina. Mike cooked a delicious meal for us, and then the kids went swimming. Since it was night time, I had to use the night vision on my camera. They are neat pictures, I will post later. A thunderstorm came, so we had to go inside. Mike, Chris, and I played cards, which is our typical pass time with Mike. Mike won, as always! We had a great time as always and didn't get back to the hotel until Midnight. I was a really fun evening!

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Kerri said...

It's looking to me as if you are all having too much fun :-) Thec girls and I are enjoying following you on your trip. I am always checking in here, bi\ut usually don't post a comment. Which is horrible of me since I wish people would leave comments on my blog! Do onto others as you would......You have been so blessed with this wonderful opportunity. And it looks like you are enjoying it to the fullest. You are one brave woman going into the Big City! I'm sorry you got so many negay\tive comments! I need to try to keep a few come back phases handy when I hear the "oh, you've got your hands full" line. well we are off to drop Isa off to her first ever overnight with the grandparents.

Take care,