Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New York City

Well, I did it five children and myself in NYC. I have to admit it wasn't bad. The worst thing was all the comments. I had a few very nice comments about our family, but a lot of very rude comments. A few of the worst, "I'd hate to be You, Stop having kids, Your crazy lady, I feel sorry for You", and the number one comment, "You've got your hands full." Let me just say, I HATE hearing these comments. My kids held hands and all walk right beside me, they were wonderful!

We started our day off with a REAL bagel. Mmmm... I searched for the dumpiest bagel shop I could find, not a Dunkin Donuts! Junkie Looking bagel shops always make the best bagels. After breakfast, we went to Toys R Us. If you have never been to Toys R Us in NYC, there is a ferris wheel inside the store, a Jurassic Park T- Rex, a huge Barbie House you can walk in, Candy Land, etc... There is a ton to do in the store, we actually spent almost two full hours there, and the only thing we bought was a new pacifier for Elijah (we lost his that morning), and a few samples of different fun candies. Chocolate covered potato chips, oreos, and gummy bears! We then checked out the new M&M store. Everything in the store had the M&M logo on it, three levels! If you know me well enough you will know that Peanut M&M's are my favorite candy. One thing that I got from my Mom, her favorite is Plain M&M's. We had fun looking around. We went to a few other stores and then went to lunch. We had NYC pizza, once again we found a nice junky place for the best pizza. This place was right next door to a gentleman's club. After lunch, we went to Rockefeller Center. We had fun seeing all the sights. We then went to Bryant Park, and read books in the park. It was nice to sit down and rest! We then walked down to where Chris was working, picked him up saw a few sights and had dinner. It was a very long day, and I slept very well!

Today, I am hanging out at the hotel, and then driving down to our old NJ home. Chris will ride the train or bus down after work. I have to get things together, since we will be going to Phili tonight. Not sure what we will do today, but it would be nice to just chill today.

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