Sunday, July 8, 2007


We just finished a long week in PA. Since we were north, and no one scheduled Chris, being it was the week of the 4th. He took vacation. We had a nice week with both of our families, but now we need a vacation! Ha Ha! We did so much! And I am exhausted! I will be updating my blog this week and add pictures. But right now, we are back on the road and I need a good nights sleep!

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Cathy said...

This BLOG is terrific. =) The photos thus far are beautiful!! THANK YOU for sharing!!
Your Pilgrim family misses you all!!
Our family has also been traveling a bit...around 2500 miles in the past 8 days! Home again for just a bit and off once more...this time north! Perhaps we'll beep at you on an interstate somewhere! =)
Keep sharing and posting!
God bless you all.
Cathy (for my guys)
ps...and I love the map study!! Hope the kiddoes will share some of their creative work when they return home!