Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Van

We are now in the fourth week of Chris' business travels. With three weeks left, our van just broke down. I was leaving to pick up some diapers and something made a loud noise and smoke started to come out from the hood. We were blessed that it happen while in the hotel parking lot. However, we need to leave for Florida on Friday. . But otherwise have been blessed by this trip. Please be in prayer for us as we are traveling. We pray that our van will be fixed by Friday.

We were told by the Mechanic that he could have it done by Friday, by lunch time on Saturday at the very latest! And the problem was a hose and a gasket. We continue to pray that things will be okay. We are truly blessed by the timing of the van breaking down. We had the comfort of the hotel, and I wasn't stranded along a highway with five children.

So this week without a van, we have been hanging out at the hotel. Swimming, hanging out in the game room, watching some TV (which is a treat, since we don't have it at home), and nap time! The kids really like PBS, especially Curious George. I really like nap time!

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