Monday, July 9, 2007

A week with Family

We had a great week with family. It's hard to believe how much we did in one week. We normally only have a few days to visit family, but this time we had a whole week. We were even able to do family worship all week with our families. We always skip it when we go to PA, but this time we made sure to just do it and our families always joined us, which was GREAT! We hung out with my family the first day. We put together my old trampoline and the kids had fun jumping, Caleb rode the tractor, Abi rode my old bike, Abi and Caleb took motorcycle rides with Pappy, Chris and I chilled out in the hammock, we went to Mongul Creek and caught crayfish, and had a nice time of family worship. Sundays we visited Hope PCA Church in Shippensburg, PA. We left for Camping right after and spent those next two days with Chris' parents and his niece and nephew. We camped at Pincho park. The kids had fun playing with their only cousins. We had camp fires, went swimming in the lake, went boating, played quoits, played cards, and we were able to do family worship. We had a great time camping, except... it was freezing at night! Tuesday night we got back and we were exhausted! The fourth, both our families got together for a picnic. I had most fun playing pool with my dad. Chris had a blast playing quiots with his grandpa. In the evening we both had fun playing cards with just Chris' family, including his brother and sister. The following day we slept in, did family worship, my parents took us out for lunch, and then we were able to visit with my grandparents. My grandpa for the first time in a long time, acted awake. He couldn't take his eyes off Elijah, and when I gave him a hug bye, he said BYE! That is the first thing he has said to me in more than two years! He normally just pretends to sleep when we visit. Grandma seemed more out of it, but it was nice to visit. We went to the mall and got my hair cut, I got 10" taken off, and gave it to locks of love. That night we put off a few small fireworks in the driveway. Friday we slept in, did family worship, and just hung out with family, in the evening we went to the drive-in with my parents. On Saturday, we packed, did laundry, and went to Chris' parents. We played ping-ping, pool, and something with rackets (I forget the name). In the evening we got pizza and played cards. It was a lot of fun. Sunday we went to Redeemer OPC and drove back to NJ. Right now we are heading out for breakfast and I will post pictures later!

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