Monday, March 31, 2008

Nasal cauterization

Well, today Abi finally had her nose cauterized. She has frequent nose bleeds, which was the cause of a exposed blood vessel in her nose. To prevent her from these nose bleeds, we had it cauterized in the dr. office today with silver nitrate. The procedure is painful. (Another vessel could eventually cause more nose bleeds in the future, but never from this specific one.) Abi said she had some pain for a few hours after. With the exception of the embarrassing stain of silver nitrate around her right nostril, she is feeling fine now. Apparently, her nostril will have this dark gray stain for about a week and a half, going away as it fades and as skin peels. She is rather embarrassed about the stain, and keeps trying to wash it off, so it may go away sooner?

She laid completely still and with the exception of a few tears in the corners of her eyes she didn't even cry. Since she was so brave, she was treated to a blizzard at Dairy Queen. The Dr. said this is very painful and she was amazed at Abi's pain tolerance. So "hopefully" no more nose bleeds!!! YAY!!!

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