Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Chris' Birthday

Here are a few pictures of the little we were able to do for Chris' birthday. I was VERY limited to what I could physically do, we will do something nice for him when I'm feeling better.

Chris has a "GREEN" office, which means they are trying to save the environment. So they have to use washable bowls and cups in his office. Someone keeps taking his bowl, so a few weeks ago, the kids and I went to Paint a Pot and made him one, hopefully no one will steal it. It's signed to Daddy, Love your Reederbunch. All the kids signed their names and put their fingerprints on it. So his co-workers will know it's his.

Also, Daddy wanted a "HEALTHY" cake. Not one full of sugar. I was going to get a recipe from a friend, but when I was not on my feet, I said I'd get it another time. At the last minute, I pushed myself and made one anyways. I went online and found a carrot, raisin, pineapple, yogurt, egg, whole wheat cake. It was actually REALLY yummy. But, I did push myself a little too hard. Oops.

Chris' big gift was a new Trek it's called a hybrid bike. He got it a few weeks ago. Along with a few accessories. So, don't feel bad for him that he only got one gift. Here are today's photos.

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sallen said...

Looks like Zoe loved the cake LOL!!