Wednesday, July 30, 2008

7 Days to Go!!!

Today marks one week (7 days) until my due date! Chris got back from Georgia last night, the kids are all feeling better, and the house has been disinfected. I have an appointment today and they will check me to see if there is any progress. We are now playing the waiting game. I will update you with any info from today's appointment.


We are back from the doctors. He said I am ready to go... anytime now. I'm now at 2cm. And it's up to the baby when it's time. This next sentence may be (TMI- To Much Information) for some. Sorry... He also said my Cervix are extremely soft and mushy. Which basically means the are set to dilate, prepared for stretching.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We All Scream For... Ice Cream!

Yesterday, the kids seemed to be feeling better. And they needed to get out, so Chris decided to take them on a bike ride to a local ice cream shop. Chris, Abi, and Caleb all rode bikes. Zoe and Grace rode in the bike trailer, and Elijah and me drove. The kids all enjoyed picking their own homemade ice cream, Yummy!

Here are a few photos. I love the one of Elijah enjoying his ice cream, he made such a mess! The ice cream shop, Smitty's, also has a play area, so mom and dad were able to sit and talk, while the kids played. Enjoy the photos!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Cup and Cone Ride

This past Saturday, Chris rode another 75 miles. It was a beautiful day, perfect weather. Not too hot, yet, bright and sunny. We watched Chris off as he left Goodberry's Ice Cream Shop for the annual "Cup and Cone Ride for MS" We were able to watch daddy off, but soon after, my day turned into a not so pleasant day. Seems Abi and Caleb caught a stomach bug.

In the van, Caleb informed me that he was about to get sick. I was able to pull over and open the automatic sliding door for him to do his thing. However, for some reason, Caleb didn't listen. Of all times not to obey! Yuck.

It was BAD!!! There just happens to be a pocket in the seat in front of him. Well, you know where most of it went... in the pocket. YUCK!!! It was all over. The back of the seat, floor, a few toys on the floor, and not to mention... ALL OVER HIMSELF! It was bad. So we went home. I spent the rest of the morning cleaning up the van, which was so GROSS! I won't even tell you what he had to eat the night before! The JOYS of parenthood.

Sunday we all stayed home. Keeping the germs at home, we love our Church family enough to not share our germs! Also, now we want the baby to postpone her arrival. Until the germs are out of the house! 9 days until my due date!

Here is a photo of Chris leaving for his ride this past Saturday, however, I will spare you a photo of the van! Can you tell which yellow guy Chris is in the last photo?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Moving up in the World

Looks like I'm not just a Wife, Home School Mom, and manager of my home. I'm moving up to a higher level!


I am very frustrated. My camera's flash isn't working. I drove all the way to circuit City today, and they said, they can't help, I have to contact this 1-800 number. What a waste of time, gas, and energy (since I had to drag all 5 kids along.) Later, I called the number and I was on hold FOREVER. I ended up hanging up, because my phone was going to die. I bought the most expensive protection plan, since it was such a nice camera. But it's not that nice of a plan, when no one will help you. I think I'm a little too pregnant. I'm very upset. I want to get it fixed before the baby comes, but I can't get anyone to help! UGH!!!

I guess I shouldn't have taken that last picture, seems I broke the camera!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Oh Mama!

This is what I looked like this morning. I'm going to the doctor's today. And will update when I get back.


We are back from the doctors. I was checked today and am only 1 cm. However, things can change very quickly. I will be checked next week as well to see if there is any more progress. Other than that baby is doing GREAT!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hot, Hot, Hot, Pregnant, Pregnant, Pregnant

Today was Hot, Hot, Hot (107 degrees). And I am very Pregnant, Pregnant, Pregnant (38 weeks).

I am VERY ready to have this baby. I am seriously counting the days down! Chris is in Philly today so, it's not the best day to go into labor, however, I'm ready. Here is a photo of me looking down at my feet. The hump, that would be baby #6. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow to check in on her. Please pray for her arrival to come soon.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Organizing our Fall Curriculum

My fall curriculum has been sitting in boxes for weeks. Well, today I cleaned up our school book shelve and organized all my materials. It may look messy, but it is very organized! These are all the materials that I will need to teach Abi -second grade, Caleb -first grade, Grace -Kindergarten, and Zoe alittle Preschool. This will be a very busy book shelve this coming fall!

Organizing our School Room

I woke up this morning and decided to re-organize our school room. Maybe nesting is actually starting to kick in? I'm having a little trouble deciding what to do. But I will update you with the progress I make. So far, the only thing I know is I have to find a good, safe, place to put Hazel and Clover.


Okay, so the kids and I spent the morning deciding where to put Hazel and Clover. We decided to put them up a little higher, to protect them from Elijah. (who tried to feed them a pencil today!) They are a little higher than I'd like, but it works for now. I decided to put them on top of our old entertainment center, currently being stored in our school room. It will also house their supplies. Looks good so far! The kids also enjoyed drawing pictures of our new pets, we hung them about Hazel and Clover's cage. Enjoy the photos!

We adopted!

This past Saturday we adopted two new members into our family. Two Guinea Pigs! They are two girls and the children have named them Hazel and Clover. Hazel is a Orange and white color. And Clover is grayish/black and white. Hazel is prettier, but Clover has a much better personality!

We adopted them from another home school family. The mom just had a new baby with some medical concerns and with homeschooling, just didn't want to have to worry about taking care of them. They came free with all their supplies. And should only cost about $10 a month for supplies. The kids are very excited!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Flying all over... and going no where!

Chris is now hiring for his department; he was suppose to fly up to Jersey today and back tonight, to interview a new hire. However, he missed his connecting flight in Pittsburgh and ended up flying to Charlotte to fly back to Raleigh. What a crazy day for him. He flew on 4 flights, just to go... well... nowhere! He was exhausted when he finally got home, so he crashed on his chair. Abi and Caleb decided to play a little trick on him. Mommy watched and took a picture! Hee hee...

Yay!!! My New Stroller Came!!!

I was so excited today to see the FedEx truck parked in front of our house!  Chris tells me I am like a little kid with my new "toy". So next time you see me out, I will be sporting a new stroller.  I am so excited!!!  Also, we got the matching car seat! Ours was expired. (Yes, even carseats expire!) Our new one is good until 2014.

Our piano room for our pianists.

Here is our piano room, with our slightly out of tune piano. It's private enough for our two pianist to hold their practice times. And just the right size to house not only the piano, but a comfy love seat for mommy to enjoy her blooming musicians. Abi also likes to use this room as a quiet place she can read. It's so welcoming with french doors right off our main living area.

Here is a video of Caleb playing piano. He started playing a couple of weeks after Abi's last recital. He saw some older boys from Church playing and decided to wait no further. He has done an excellent job and is moving rather fast. We are very proud of him! Way to go Caleb!!!

Here is a video of Abi playing piano. I enjoy listening to this song. I could really hear the progress of this piece. I can really image the Rajah riding in on his elephant. Very cool Abi. We are proud of you! Keep up the good work Abi!!!

Tie Dying

Is tie dying still cool?  Well our kids think so.  Yesterday the kids went to the library for a Tie Dying Event.  They had a lot of fun, however, I think they may have used a little too much dye in some spots.  The kids couldn't wait to see how their master pieces turned out. Here is a photo of the their final projects.  They were very proud.  Zoe didn't want her picture taken. 

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Flowers in Bloom

Here are some photos from this past Lord's Day.  The trees in front of our house are now in bloom.  They are so pretty I thought I'd take a few photos of the kids in front of them before hopping in the van for Church.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My New Double Stroller and Infant Seat

If you haven't heard, I've not been doing that well the last few days. I got dehydrated which was causing contractions. The OBGYN wanted to admit me into the hospital and give me an IV, but I decided to come home and try to hydrate myself. The only problem was, I wasn't able to keep anything down. But I'm doing a little better today.

Since it seems that time is ticking and we only have 21 days until my due date, we decided to go ahead and buy a much needed new double stroller and infant seat. Online of course.

Here is the links to my new stroller and infant car seat. Just click on the words to see them.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Our New Shark

More Yuck!  

Can you guess what this is? 

If you guessed my steps, your right!

I have been ready to hand this chore over to our kids for some time now, however, it just wasn't safe allowing them to use the corded vac.  I myself had it fall down the steps a couple of times on me.  

Well... we can finally add vacuuming steps to their list of chores!!!  Yay!!!
This is our new cordless vac.  The Shark.  I'm not sure how great it is yet, but it works fine so far.  The kids are all excited as well as I am.  Here are some photos of our new toy, and the kids using it for the first time!

Our Dining Room

Every now and again our dining room chairs start to look like this first picture.  YUCK!!!  

This is when I grab a bunch of old cleaning towels, some dawn and a bucket of water.  The kids have a blast slipping and sliding and cleaning up their own mess.  And I get to sit back and relax!  

Then, in the bottom photos, you see the finished product.  My nice clean dining room!  It always cleans up well.  Ready for the next meal!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Fireworks on the 5th!

Even though we had a wash out on the 4th, the 5th held out just long enough for the fireworks and for us to do a few sparklers. We spend the evening with the Conlon's and a short time with the Bray's. Thanks for the ride Joe!

Here are the pics we got from the evening! I also made a YouTube of all our photos from that night. You can view the YouTube:

P.S.- Thanks Aunt Kendra for the sparklers and pop its!!!