Monday, July 28, 2008

Cup and Cone Ride

This past Saturday, Chris rode another 75 miles. It was a beautiful day, perfect weather. Not too hot, yet, bright and sunny. We watched Chris off as he left Goodberry's Ice Cream Shop for the annual "Cup and Cone Ride for MS" We were able to watch daddy off, but soon after, my day turned into a not so pleasant day. Seems Abi and Caleb caught a stomach bug.

In the van, Caleb informed me that he was about to get sick. I was able to pull over and open the automatic sliding door for him to do his thing. However, for some reason, Caleb didn't listen. Of all times not to obey! Yuck.

It was BAD!!! There just happens to be a pocket in the seat in front of him. Well, you know where most of it went... in the pocket. YUCK!!! It was all over. The back of the seat, floor, a few toys on the floor, and not to mention... ALL OVER HIMSELF! It was bad. So we went home. I spent the rest of the morning cleaning up the van, which was so GROSS! I won't even tell you what he had to eat the night before! The JOYS of parenthood.

Sunday we all stayed home. Keeping the germs at home, we love our Church family enough to not share our germs! Also, now we want the baby to postpone her arrival. Until the germs are out of the house! 9 days until my due date!

Here is a photo of Chris leaving for his ride this past Saturday, however, I will spare you a photo of the van! Can you tell which yellow guy Chris is in the last photo?

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