Saturday, September 27, 2008

Korker Bows

I keep seeing these really cute boutique bows that cost way too much money, but look super easy to make. So I decided to learn. They are called Korker Bows. Today we went to Micheal's and I bought what I needed to make them. Right now I have the ribbon in the oven. YES, you heard me right. You have to bake the ribbon! There is a really neat website where there are step by step instructions, with pictures! Once you get to the site click on "How to make Korker Ribbon and Korker Bows". It's nice to make a craft that I know we will actually use. I'm currently practicing without the girls, but plan on doing this craft with them in the near future. I will post pictures when we actually do the craft. I'm sure you will be seeing them soon with Korker Bows in their hair. It will be neat to see who reads my blog that might try this too! ;) Have FUN!!!

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Kim said...

Hey Kara!

I've been following your blog since the birth of Hannah. My Grandma (Eleanor Hoover)forwarded the link to me. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I admire you and your ability to homeschool and mother your children.

Also, I know just the bows you are talking about. I bought some at the cornfestival this year for my girls and we love them. I've been wishing I'd bought more.

Well today on my lunch break I went and bought the supplies after checking out the website you recommended and can't wait to give it a try.

Take care and thanks for the bow info!!!!

Your cousin ~ Kim (Hoover) Shoap