Monday, October 6, 2008

Partying with the Conlon's

This past Saturday afternoon and evening, we were able to spend celebrating with our friends the Conlons. It was Peter's birthday, and I hope he had as much fun as we did. The guys played football with the kids, hung out, we ate dinner, and then in the evening we played scrabble while the children all watched a movie. It was a lot of fun. Here a some photos from our day. The cake was an ice cream cake that I made for Peter. Enjoy the photos!


Kerri said...

Oh, how fun! Do say hi to Haley for me! is that her daughter that Chris is holding along with Hannah? The last time I saw her she was a wee babe! Wow, how time flies! I love reading your blog. I loved the hair bows! I will have to try them sometime. I looked at the site and they had some cute 'bug'bows as well.

Have a blessed day,

Kerri said...

Oh, I MUST know what meals you make for lunch and dinner! I am really trying to cut out more meat (not only is it not good for us--at least the non organic kind), but it's just expensive. My non meat dishes so far are:
baked potatoes
brocolli/potatoe soup
focaccia with sides of salad or fruits/veggie tray
black beans and rice (in tortillas)
refried bean burritos

thats all I can think of right now. If you could add to my list, that would be great!!!!