Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We Voted Early Ballot

Today we VOTED! We have been learning about voting in school, and wanted to give the kids a first hand experience. Chris and I knew that waiting until voting day and taking six children along, would, probably not be a good thing. So, we went today! The kids had so much fun! There was a line, but only a 15 min wait. We were able to show the kids the ballot and how you fill in the circle for who you pick. Abi and Caleb thought it was so cool to see the names McCain and Obama on the ballot. Abi was able to put Chris' ballot into the counter and Caleb put in mine. "I voted" stickers for everyone was an extra bonus! Now the kids can't wait until voting day to see who will win the election! I love home schooling! (Grace had fun until we walked outside in 45 degree weather and had to get her picture taken!)

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