Sunday, November 23, 2008


Recital Time! The children had their recital tonight. This was Caleb very first one, and he was very excited. For their recital, they also, practice their public speaking. I think they did a wonderful job. My camera was making funny noises during the taping of Abi, so she was kind of hard to hear, but she did an amazing job. Caleb also did a great job. We were very proud of both kids. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

GREAT JOB Abi & Caleb!

You both did an excellent job in your presentations before you sat
down at the piano.

Abi, I enjoyed the gracefulness of your playing. It is wonderful to see a young musician develop their talent. Continue growing in
loveliness and godliness through your music! :) GREAT JOB!

Caleb, you showed a lot of maturity in your posture and presentation while playing the duet with your teacher. It will be exciting to see how the Lord grows your musical abilities as you continue to practice
faithfully. GREAT JOB!

Please thank your mommy for sharing this video!! We are so sad to have missed the recital in person, but are very thankful to "see" you play now.

Continue to work diligently with your music...God will use it mightily
in your lives!

Mrs. Simmons