Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Spring Arbor Assisted Living

Today we went with friends to Spring Arbor Assisted Living, a retirement community in Apex, NC. The kids handed out candy canes and spent time visiting with the residents. We were even given the chance to sing a hymn. I believe that the residents truly enjoyed our visit with them, you can see it in their faces in the pictures. One lady asked to hold Hannah, with a little assistance, she told me it was the highlight of her month.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Mommy goes Ice Skating

I haven't been ice skating in 12 years! My children go every week, Christopher skates occassionally, but I'm normally expecting. Last Friday, when Christopher said he was coming along, I asked him to watch the baby so I could skate this time. It was a nice winter treat.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ho Ho Ho... Merry Christmas!

This video speaks for itself... cute, cute, cute!!!

Party at the Reeders!!!

This past Friday night we had a lovely caroling party at our home. Our home was packed with many from our church family. We had a delightful evening of song, fellowship, and food. Here are some of the photos I caught during the evening!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cleaning and Organizing

Not much going on here. We have all our seasonal decorations up. And are now organizing all our new toys that we were given in PA. Cleaning and Organizing going on. I will post some photos of our house with the halls all decked. I will wait until it get dark tonight and then go out and take a few photos of the house all lite up.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Saturday with the Mathna's

Saturday we spent the day with the my family the Mathna's. (When Chris and I were in College we visited Mr. Ed's Elephant Museum, Chris still wears the comfy t-shirt around our house. The kids always ask, where is that... Mr. Ed's?) So, Saturday, we suprised the kids and took them to Mr. Ed's Elephant Museum. The kids enjoyed seeing Elie the Elephant outside and eating Fresh Roasted Peanuts! It was a little cold outside but the kids didn't mind. They also enjoyed the Elephant tire swing.

Children with Elie the Elephant

Grandpa, Grandma, the children and Elie the Elephant

Chris and Kara with Elie the Elephant

Chris pushing Zoe on the elephant swing.

Aunt Kendra with Hannah

Inside the Elephant Museum

Caleb with the current working Peanut Roaster

Grammy Mathna and Hannah

Pappy Mathna and Hannah

Friday Afternoon and Evening

We went straight from Visiting Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Carnes to Chris' parents home. We enjoyed watching the baby's, playing pool, and playing Taboo, while the children played. Enjoy the photos!

Zoe with her Cousin Austin

Abi with Cousin Riley

Grandma Pam with Abi

Penny and Riley with Me and Hannah

Chris with his brother Zak

Grandma Pam with Hannah

Uncle Zak, Penny, Hannah, and Cousin Riley

Penny, Uncle Zak, Cousin Riley, and Hannah

Grandma, Abi, Cousin Morgan, and Uncle Zak

Chris hanging out talking.

Friday Morning with the Carnes

On Friday Morning, we spent the morning and early afternoon with Chris' Grandparents, The Carnes. We had a very nice visit. Hannah was able to meet her Great Grandparents for the first time. The kids had fun outside visiting with the horses and running loose. And we also got a glimpse of where Great Grandma and Great Grandma spend their time. The pictures are a little out of order but at least their posted. Enjoy!

Chris with his Grandparents and the children.

Great Grandpa and Great Grandma

The children with Great Grandpa and Great Grandma.

Great Grandpa in his office.

Great Grandma in sewing room.

Abi with Sun Dancer.


Running in the pasture.

Great Grandpa with the bunch.

Great Grandma Betty and Hannah

Great Grandpa Vic and Hannah

Abi with Cool Hand Luke.

Hanging out on the Fence. Calling the Horses.

The Children by the stable.