Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Saturday with the Mathna's

Saturday we spent the day with the my family the Mathna's. (When Chris and I were in College we visited Mr. Ed's Elephant Museum, Chris still wears the comfy t-shirt around our house. The kids always ask, where is that... Mr. Ed's?) So, Saturday, we suprised the kids and took them to Mr. Ed's Elephant Museum. The kids enjoyed seeing Elie the Elephant outside and eating Fresh Roasted Peanuts! It was a little cold outside but the kids didn't mind. They also enjoyed the Elephant tire swing.

Children with Elie the Elephant

Grandpa, Grandma, the children and Elie the Elephant

Chris and Kara with Elie the Elephant

Chris pushing Zoe on the elephant swing.

Aunt Kendra with Hannah

Inside the Elephant Museum

Caleb with the current working Peanut Roaster

Grammy Mathna and Hannah

Pappy Mathna and Hannah

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