Thursday, January 15, 2009

Clear Plastic Vinyl

My friend Judy gave me this really good idea to help the kids learn, without them really knowing. The idea is to place things that your currently working on, under a clear plastic vinyl table cover. So three times a day, they are staring at the same stuff for a week, and then you can change it out when memorized. Caleb and Abigail are currently working on memorizing some piano notes, Grace is working on counting from 11-20, Zoe is learning her lower case letters, and for Elijah I just put something fun for him. So here is what our table currently looks like. I love it, you don't have to worry about spills, and it protects your table. When company comes over, it slips off easy. Here is a plus... this week clear plastic vinyl is on sale at Jo-Ann's for 50% off. This nice piece of plastic cost me just a little over $4. Thank You so much for the idea Judy!!! :) Reminder: Don't forget to measure your table before going to the store!

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