Friday, January 16, 2009

To answer someone's question...

In response to a question about where I've gotten my recipes lately. The answer is and Both sites have vegan recipes that don't include oils or sugar. Chris and I have always limited our children's intake of sugar, and now we have cut it out all together. With the exception of every Lord's Day. (they are allow at treat at church)

This is another blessing of home schooling. They eat what everyone else in our school is eating... what mommy makes them. ha ha... I know it can really be hard making wise food choices in public school. Of course there is the pressure to eat what everyone else around you is eating. We have been blessed that our kids don't have that to worry about.

Also, don't think our children are suffering from never getting sweets. They love their fruits. I often hear my children say... "Is this healthy? It taste like candy!" When in reality, it's just fruits mixed with other healthy ingredients. I actually think their getting more treats to eat now, than before when we just limited their sugar intake! This makes me think I need to go make some healthy ice cream for breakfast! ha ha... You can do that when it's just fruit, soymilk, and ice! YUMMY!!! (I wish I had a cantaloupe.... you guys got to try that cantaloupe slush!)

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Kerri said...

Thank you so much for posting the sites! I have been browsing the recipes. I just finished "Disease Proof your Child" just an hour ago and will be making up a menu for Feb with our new way of eating. Although Jeremiah informed me he really wants meat at least once a week. We agreed that it would be more condiment in nature, like some cut up chicken on top of a salad. I am soooo excited to start eating healthy. I am really ready to see some of our health issues resolve themselves with a healthier diet.