Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Boat Building

This past Saturday our Church Family got together for building boats. We had a good time. Enjoy the show!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy 80th Birthday Great Grandma Carnes!!!

Today is Great Grandma Carnes 80th Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday from the Reederbunch!!!

We love you Great Grandma.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Homemade Gift

Abigail's best friend, Maggie, was having a birthday, and Abi wanted to make her something special. Abi found a craft book at our local library. Since we knew that Maggie loved tiger's, Abi decided to make this craft. It turned out great! All it took was some yarn, string, cardboard, a little pink felt and two eyes. Well done Abigail.

Cutie Pie...

I know I'm the mom, but isn't she a cutie pie?

Thank You...

We just wanted to give a special "Thank You" to all the gifts sent to Abigail. Abi has used some of her money already, and some she is saving for something really special. She is really good with her money. Also, thank you Pappy and Grammy. Here are photos from the gifts you sent. That was a REAL smile.

Abigail's Birth Day

So, on March 11th. Abigail's actual birthday, we did a little celebrating with just the Reederbunch. We made some Vegan Mac and Cheese. (just ask and I'll send the recipe) And she had a special kiwi for dessert. (Thanks Townsend Family) Then she was able to open gifts. And go to her favorite store... Michael's. For dinner we went to a picnic at the park. She enjoyed her day.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Processed People

Our family were vegetarians for 1 1/2 years before becoming Vegans. We have now been vegan for over 4 months. But our eating habits are more than just the fact that we don't eat meat, dairy, or eggs. We also avoid oil and sugar. We are trying to give our children a start for a healthy future, as well as, to make ourselves healthy so that we can enjoy our family for years to come. We also avoid processed foods, yes, this does make more work for us, but we feel it's worth it. There is a new documentary out called Processed People. And talks about the exact concerns that our family sees in the Standard American Diet. Hopefully this video will help raise awareness in our friends and family that read our blog. Please take the time to watch both clips.

Processed People trailer from Jeff Nelson on Vimeo.

Processed People -- Promo #2 from Jeff Nelson on Vimeo.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Bottle Rocket

Daddy and Caleb built a bottle rocket together. I only got a video of a bad take off. It actually went super high. I just missed it on video. They plan on making an even better rocket soon.

Abi's 8th Birthday/Slumber Party

For Abigail's 8th Birthday, Daddy told Abi that she could have a few girls over for a little party. We normally just do family parties, but we wanted to make the kids' 8th and 13th birthdays a bigger deal. Abi was able to have her best friends spend the night. Which was super fun for her, because they live over an hour away and she only normally gets to see them on Sunday. Abi had a lot of fun. Enjoy the photos.