Monday, April 6, 2009

Date Night

This past Saturday night was date night for Chris and I. Our friends watch our children once a month and we watch theirs once a month for free. And last Saturday night was our turn to go out. This date was a big deal for Chris, because he was taking me to the the big hockey game, the Canes vs. Pens. Chris has been wanting to take me to a hockey game for close to ten years, and it finally happened. (He normally takes the children.) Our friends John and Tara were also at the game. It was a fun night out, just the two of us. I also learned a few things about hockey.

We of course are in Canes territory, but Chris is a big Pens fan. Chris had his terrible towel, which you wave when the Pens score. There was actually a bunch of Pens fans at the game. (Including our friends.) I was able to capture a few shots of us at the game. Enjoy!

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