Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cloth Diapers

I'm making the switch. Yes, you heard me right. I have taken the plunge! The Reederbunch is finally going to cloth diapers!!! I did the math and the total is in. How much have we spent in diapers over the last 8 years...

-The average American using generic diapers spends $60 a month in diapers

-So a Year in diapers is $720

-Our children stay in diapers until they are 3 that means $2,160 per child

-For the 5 of our children who are potty trained that was $10,800

-Then Elijah has been in diapers 2 years that's a total of $12,240

-And Hannah not quite a year, so we will say $13,000 have been spent in Diapers!!!

That is a lot of Money and Diapers!

We have been thinking about switching to the cloth diaper world, but just not sure. Well, last night I did it. I went online and took the plunge buying cloth diapers. Yes, they are an investment, but look how much I could have saved if I would have done this 8 years ago! I am very excited to get them in the mail. These aren't the diapers your mama used. These are exactly like disposable, but you wash them. I choose the BumGenius brand. One size 3.0 brand diaper. Check out the Youtube clip to see.

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Pam said...

These look great. I used cloth diapers and hated how if the baby would pee right after changing, it would develop a rash from the direct contact with the urine especially if it was acidic. This diaper has a lining so that won't happen and the no pins can save a lot of pricked fingers (and babies). Good for you!!!