Monday, April 27, 2009

Frugal Haircuts

One of the ways that the Reederbunch saves money is on haircuts. I've never taken any kind of classes, but I have done a lot of trial and error. It always grows back and every time I get better and better. The kids never seem to mind, and I've gotten good enough that even Chris trusts me. Here are some before and after photos taken of Chris' last hair cut. All you need is a pair of hair cutting scissors. I bought mine at Sally's Beauty Salon for $20. I got my money back in just one hair cut long ago.


Andrea said...

Wow, I remember when you gave him a hair cut during your dating have definitely come a long way.

ChristopherPaul said...

I am quite pleased with my haircut and am just thrilled that I can get the cut I want from the convenience of my home.... oh and did I mention my stylist is absolutely stunning!