Saturday, May 2, 2009

Caleb's Star Wars Birthday Party


Today was Caleb's Star Wars Birthday Party. It was really a play date with watermelon and light sabers. The boys were able to get together, run around, and play star wars. And then eat watermelon. Caleb also opened gifts from his friends. The boys all had a blast.

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(Kerri) said...

Looks like there was fun had by all! Now I am craving watermelon :-) BTW we were at the park in Cary. I know you are close by there (relatively speaking). We went there on a whim though, no planning involved! I was bumming that we weren't having any great birthday plans and by late afternoon I thought of the park, and the rest is history. We still need to get together!!! I know you guys are busy, busy. So if you have a free moment let me know I'd love to see you all.