Thursday, May 21, 2009

Un-birthday Tea Party

The Girls with their Mommies

Tea Time






Hannah with Mommy

All the beautiful Mommies

Lucy the Birthday Girl with her Mommy

The Girls and I

Our friends, the Miner's, are moving away, and since little Lucy, won't be near her friends for her actually birthday, we were able to celebrate with an Un-Birthday Tea Party. We all dressed up for a lovely day at Duke Gardens. (Lucy's Daddy just graduated from Duke a week ago, congrats! And thanks for watching all the boys!) We had such of lovely day. (And, yes, that is my prom gown!) Enjoy the photos!

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Denise said...

How beautiful you all look. You still have your prom dress? The girls are getting so big. And oh yea, I reconize that quilt used for park outings. Denise