Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bike Race and Camping


This past weekend Chris rode in a bike race in Boone, NC. This is a crazy ride full of extreme hills. Basically, Chris rode up the mountain for 50 miles on the most crazy roads, full of twists and turns. He did a great job and surpassed all his expectations by completing in just under 3 hours. Chris placed 74th out of 500 people who finished the race. There were also people who didn't finished the race, either because they gave up, or they crashed. Great job honey!

While in Boone, our family decided to take advantage of the weekend and go camping. We spent two nights sleeping in the cool mountains (0kay it was cold not cool) having a fire both nights. We were able to make some yummy vegan treats. Mountain pies filled with cherries, vegan soy dogs, and roasting zucchini, onions, peppers, and squash over the open fire! Yummy! The children also enjoyed exploring the creek that ran right by our camp site. To end our trip, we were able to visit Hickory OPC on Sunday morning. Here are the photos from our trip.

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Anonymous said...

WAY TO GO CHRIS!! I am so proud of you!!! Love Stacie