Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Dorm Room

This is it... where the five of our six children sleep. In about 6 months, Hannah will join the rest of the children. And then all six beds will be filled. The children all love sleeping together in one room. Daddy tucks the children in every night and reads to them before going to bed. He then prays with them and blesses them. We believe the children all sharing a room really does make them closer. And they love it. As you can see there are six beds, three sets of bunk beds. Their clothes are not kept in their bedroom, only a closet full of their favorite toys. This is the room they sleep and play. It works great for our family. Due to the shape of the room and the door positioning, it is hard to get a good photo, but here you can see the six beds and how they fit perfectly making a u shape!

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Anonymous said...

Do you never have problems with the modesty issue or having children go to sleep when they are all together and can have a hard time settling down? We're still considering moving our boys from our girl as they are all getting older (but still young) but it would sure be nice to keep them together if the modesty and actual sleeping can be taken care of. Your thoughts?