Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Toy Closet

You asked for it... I had a ton of people write me asking where my children's toys were? Our children have a small amount of toys. I believe that children today have too many toys. Media tells you to buy, buy, buy. People think that for Birthday's and Holiday's children need gifts, gifts, and more gifts. They don't. They need space to play and enjoy a few of their favorite things. Here is a video of our toy closet. We also have a game closet and a 3 drawer cart of toys for our little ones. In our garage we have a box of dress-up which is their Sunday Special Box. And of course bikes and a few outside toys. This is enough toys, and "no" our children do not watch TV. (a few movies here and there, but not a normal occurrence and no cable.) They draw, play piano, read, spend quality time with one another, and play with a few of their favorite things which is just enough.

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mtngirl said...

Thank you!Looks wonderful. I am inspired to weed through all of our toys and have less clutter! I am so glad you have taken the time and effort to share!