Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Our family's 1 year anniversary of being nutritarian!

Yesterday was our family's 1 year anniversary of being nutritarian. Most of you, who know our family well, know that we are vegan, but most don't know that we are actually also nutritarian. Dr. Fuhrman coined the word, "nutritarian" to represent his recommended diet-style. Well, yesterday was our 1 year anniversary. Including 1 year since soda has touched our lips. In a years time our healthy has improved and we are feeling better than ever. To learn more about nutritiarians, you can visit Dr. Fuhrman's website. Thanks Dr. Fuhrman!


mtngirl said...

As you know, we are vegan now too! I have never heard of "Nutritarian", thanks for sharing...can't wait to check out the web site!

mtngirl said...

Also wanted to say...congratulations on your year journey towards health! How wonderful for you and your whole family!:-)

kim paterka said...

Mrs. Reeder, When you have a moment, can you blog about what led up to your family's decision to follow Dr. Fuhrman's diet plan? I just finished reading his book and am now making my plan of attack. We have 8 kids, how did your kids respond to the changes? Please share what you can before and after. Thanks so much.
Kim Paterka