Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving at the Mathna's

We had a lovely Thanksgiving with the Mathna's. And thanks to Dr. Furhman's special holiday recipes, we were able to enjoy a delightful vegan feast. On our menu was Cauliflower Spinach Mashed "Potatoes", Sweet Potatoes Walnuts and Apples, Thanksgiving Non-Meat Loaf, Vegan Version Gravy, and Delicious Guilt-Free Pumpkin Pie w/ Oat Pie Crust (all from Dr. Furhman's Website). I also cooked up some Collards, Sugar-Free Cranberry Sauce, and a Salad. It took me a few days to get our feast ready, but it was well worth the treat shuttling it from NC to PA. My Mom also made non- Vegan food for the rest of the family, so we had A LOT of food! Here are the photos from our Thanksgiving Feast.

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