Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hot Coca and Cookies

After thawing by the fire, we had some hot coca and homemade cookies! Yummy!!!

NC Snow of 2010

Every winter the children always look forwards to snow. And today we were blessed. The children were up before dawn ready to go outside! Here are the photos from this morning. They are now thawing by the fire, and looking forwards to going out again later today!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Hair Bows

Today we picked up a ton of ribbon on sale at Michael's. And tonight the girls and I decided to make some cute hair bows. We had a lot of fun and made some hair cute bows. Here are some photos. They seem to have loaded in the wrong order. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Build Your Own Pizza

This past week, we had a build your own pizza night. All the kids enjoyed making their very own special pizza. It was a huge hit. Here is a photo of Elijah getting ready to build his very own healthy pizza. And of course there was salad to go with that pizza.

Hannah Prays

We have been working with Hannah for several months now, and she is almost fully trained to sit for worship. Here is a short video of her as we get ready for family worship before bed. Part of her training is to teach her to pray. I think she was wondering why daddy wasn't praying and Elijah was wondering why I was recording.


Abi's Menu Planning Training

This past week, I allowed Abi to make up our lunch menu plan. The biggest hit was her fruit plate lunch. All the children enjoyed Abi's choices and asked that she do another week soon. Here is a photo of all the fruit. It really was yummy!

New Years Day

Here is a photo of our Dinner on New Years Day. Seitan Ribs (fake meat), Sauerkraut, and Mashed Potatoes, yum!

Best Friends

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back to our regular schedule...

After several weeks off, it was time to get back to school. And back to normal life. Ah... it feels so good to be back into our schedule. Really good! We run better on a schedule, especially with six little blessings. And the house is managed a lot easier when the kids know they are expected to do their chores, schooling, etc...

Our next break will be in 7 weeks, with the expected arrival of baby Mary Kate. In the mean time, I will be getting ready for the baby, digging out baby girl clothes, washing up the bassinet, and all those other nesting things expected mama do.

With being back to our regular schedule, I hope to show my blog a little more attention. I have had a few email request for me to share a little more about our family. I did get those emails. And do plan to blog about them, soon.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Reeder Family Photo Shoot

After how wonderfully the Mathna/Reeder Family Photo turned out, I made the suggestion to my mother-in-law that we do the same with them. It didn't take any persuasion, she agreed. And look how wonderful they turned out. The first photo is of all the grandkids, Christopher's siblings children along with ours. The second is Papa and Grandma with all the grandkids. I am very pleased with all my new pictures. And our piano room looks great with all the new photos. Thanks everyone for smiling so beautifully!