Saturday, January 23, 2010

Build Your Own Pizza

This past week, we had a build your own pizza night. All the kids enjoyed making their very own special pizza. It was a huge hit. Here is a photo of Elijah getting ready to build his very own healthy pizza. And of course there was salad to go with that pizza.


(Kerri) said...

Mmm, yum, pizza. We made some homemade pizza the other night with rice cheese. It was gobbled up in no time flat. Two weeks of no sugar will do wonders for your taste buds! Hey, what is that white sauce on your pizzas? And did you see that frozen lime pie on Green and Crunchy? Oh, my, I wish she would post a recipe. I think that would be a hit for birthdays around here.

I see you only have about four weeks left till little wee one gets here. I hope you are getting everything done that needs getting done.



Reeder said...

Thanks Kerri. It was a fake cheese. Tahini, nutritional yeast, water and spices. It's really runny, but gives our pizza the cheese like flavor.