Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Packing Begins!

Here I go again!
With seven children, the youngest who is nursing every two- three hours, I thought it best to start packing now. Never too early. I decided to go slow and every time I get get a box packed, I stack it in the guest room/nursery. Here is a photo of the slow progress, pretty good for my second day in, but I got a lot more to do! I will update everyone on my progress!


mtngirl said...

Great job- You are so organized!! I'm sure your move will go smoothly.
So happy for you all!

Anonymous said...

Very inspiring. How are you doing now, post delivery, with your weight? Your blogging led our family to Eat to Live. I've lost 20lbs so far and my husband has lost about 15- though he really wasn't overweight in my opinion :) I'd love to know how you're doing. And when you have time, I'd love to know what your routine is regarding meals. We have 8 kids. Some don't always appreciate what we're eating, but the transition overall has been good. Thanks for your time.
Kim :)

Reeder said...


Thanks for the comment. I just had my 6 week post check up at the OB office yesterday. I was cleared to start working out, so this morning I dusted off the tredmill and spent 30 mins on it.

June 19 I found out I was expecting our seventh, since then, I have gained a total of 14 lbs, with having baby,and some extra grains, nuts and even a little oil. This morning, I made a new commitment to lose the rest of my weight. I have some really great summer clothes, I want to fit into soon!

It's harder for me, because I don't need the nuts, where my cycling hubby who burns major calories does. And my growing children need them as well. I can have a few, but not the amounts they eat. This is true of the grains as well.

Glad to hear your doing so well. :)