Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Old Ball Game

This past Saturday night the family went out for a night to the Old Ball Game!

Friday, August 20, 2010


Every once in a while, I will receive comments. Most I post, some I don't. I normally know the people who post, they are friends or family. But recently, I had an anonymous comment from someone who is concerned about the health of our children eating a vegan diet. They were kind and stated their concern. They had a link to an article, which I read. The article was about Vit. D deficiency. We want to thank you for your concern, but our children are fine.

I want to reassure everyone reading our blog that are children are healthy and I believe more healthy than the families who are constantly stopping at the drive-thru. We have had blood tests on our children and know how each of their bodies process Vitamins and Minerals. For instance, our son, has low Iron, and no matter how much kale or spinach the boy eats, his body doesn't process it well. The solution, supplements. At his last Iron check, the doctor said he is doing GREAT! As for Vit. D, we know that it has been in the news a lot recently. It doesn't matter if your vegan or the biggest milk drinker around, you can have low Vit. D. In fact, did you know that Vit. D is actually added to milk. It's a supplement they put in there. My children don't have to drink milk to get the Supplements. They just swallow a pill. (Which they are all proud they can do, all but Hannah.)

So rest easy, we love our children, and take good care of them. Our children take a Multi- Vitamin daily, as well as, extra Vitamin D, and then my son takes his Iron, just like his mommy. Their B-12 was fine. But things can change, which is why we will continue to have our children's blood work taken. Hope this helps with your concern.

Blueberry Baby

I know blueberries aren't typically a first food for babies, but we aren't exactly typical. haha... My big thing is what works. And what works for me is to throw whatever the family is eating into the Vitamix and ta da baby food! At Aldi's the other day I was able to pick up blueberries cheap for only 99 cents a box. So we went blueberry crazy. I threw them in the Vitamix and out came what looked like blueberry pudding. Mary is enjoying eating, however, I think it's really about her chewing on the spoon.

Here Mary is saying... give me those blueberries!
Mmmm... Blueberries
I love my spoon!
Mary got a little extra messy, since her siblings were trying to help feed her.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Grape Tasting

Grapes, Grapes and more Grapes! We had a fun time trying different types of grapes. We tried Champagne Grapes, Thomcord Grapes, and Muscadine Grape, which are all different than the typical red and green grapes most of us eat. The children all enjoyed trying the different varieties. I think the family favorite were the champagne grapes, I think because they are so tiny and cute!

New Blog

I have a new blog which will be running for the next 100 days. It will be all about my 100 days of raw food. If you want to check it out. Visit... http://karas100daysofrawfood.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm going raw for 100 days!

I was nervous to post about my going raw for 100 days, because, well, there will be those of you who don't agree. But then there are others who may be interested. So, I will take the good with the bad. As many of you know, our family follows Dr. Furhman's Diet called Eat to Live and Disease Proof your Child. I try to feed my family as healthy as I can. However, after Mary Kate was born, less nutrient dense foods started slipping into our diet. And I have struggled with those less nutritious foods calling me from afar. To help get me back into desiring more healthful foods, I have decided to challenge myself to 100 days of a vegan raw foods diet.

I know one of the first questions that people will ask will be, "The whole family? Kids too?" And my answer is no. Just myself. That doesn't mean, if I plan on having a salad that Christopher and the children won't be eating it too. It just means that I only will be raw only for 100 days. I am excited to see if I can do it. And excited to find new recipes along the way.

If you have read this far, you may be asking yourself. What does she mean by raw foods diet? Well, what I mean is... I will be eating raw foods unprocessed and uncooked plant foods, like... fresh fruits and vegetables, sprouts, seeds, nuts, and even beans and grains which have been sprouted. Also, things can be dehydrated, as long as, it has been dehydrated under 116 degrees F. But no cooked veggies and fruits. I can use my Vitamix, food processor and dehydrator to help with giving my foods different textures.

I am excited and will most likely be posting a few blogs about it along the way! Tonight will be my last night of cooked veggies, as tomorrow marks my 1st day on my 100 days of raw foods!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Psalm Sing Video

Here is a video of some youth singing psalms at the FCC Family Conference.

Visit with the Mathna's in PA

Grammy and Pappy with Mary Kate
Pappy (Clark) and Caleb (Clark)
Aunt Kendra with Mary Kate

Aunt Kendra with the Children
The view from the back of Edmonson house looking out to the mountains, this was a BEAUTIFUL view, we got there just as the sun was setting.

Grammy showing the kids the barn. I was a little nervous as it was posted and dark, but that didn't stop Grammy.
The well.
Grammy told us this is where my children's Great Great Grandmother baked bread.
(We got the scoop on this chimney from my Grandfather's sister Eleanor, here is what she wrote, "The chimney you saw belonged to the summer house, the Bake Oven stood in front of the summer house, but it has been tore down, which is kind of sad, for it was a landmark. When I was growing up, we cooked and ate in the summer house, it was neat, with a cookstove and it own dishes, then at night-time we would go over to the big house to sleep. Not cooking there made it a little cooler." )
The children checking out the property.

Grammy showing the children the barn.
We have a picture of my Grandfather holding a snake standing in front of this exact fence. Most of it has been taken down, but this is a small section still standing.
Inside the barn. (it was dark out, but my flash lite it up.)
Grammy has a photo of my Great Grandfather standing in front of this chicken coop at this exact spot.

This past Saturday, we had the chance to have a very short visit with the Mathna's. During our visit, we had the chance to visit the Edmonson Farm. This is where my Grandfather spent many years of his life. Grammy Mathna enjoyed showing the kids around the farm. And then when returning to their home looking at old photos of where they had just visited.

Visit with Great Grandpa and Grandma Carnes in PA

We had a very nice visit with Great Grandpa and Grandma Carnes. This past Saturday, we had a chance to say goodbye to their old home and get a glimpse of their new one. Their home is currently on the market and they plan to move to Quincy this fall. Although we will miss visiting them at their home/farm, we will continue to make new memories at their new home. We can't wait to see it when we go back this Thanksgiving after they do all the updates and add their own personal touches.
Great Grandma Betty
Great Grandpa and Mary Kate
Great Grandpa and Grandma w/ Aunt Vicki
Christopher's last visit to the Carne's home/farm. They will be moving soon. :(

Visit with the Reeder's in PA

Cousins Mary Kate Reeder and Christian Reeder
Mary Kate and Christian are 3 months apart.
Mary Kate checking out her cousin.
Mary Kate and Christian
Mary and Christian tired of having their photo taken.
Christopher and Reily
Kara and Christian
Papa Reeder and Mary Kate
Grandma Reeder and Christian
Uncle Zak and Reily
Penny and Christian
Uncle Zak, Penny, and baby Christian
Mary with Grandma and Papa Reeder

Back from FCC Family Conference

Christopher giving Mrs. Broyles a ride.
Christopher with the Children
Mary's 1st time swimming.

Jessica and Jenny
Steve and Christopher
James taking drugs. haha...
Porch Psalm Sing
Friends from Greenville Presbyterian hanging out.
Father/Son Hike
The little girls making friendship bracelets.
The big girls making cookies.
Mary with Mrs. Cochran
Mary got a lot of attention.

This past week, our family went to the FCC Family Conference. It was a great time of Worship and Fellowship with like minded believers. The week also included Mary Kate's first time in a swimming pool and her first tooth! Here are a few photos from the conference. Enjoy!