Friday, August 20, 2010

Blueberry Baby

I know blueberries aren't typically a first food for babies, but we aren't exactly typical. haha... My big thing is what works. And what works for me is to throw whatever the family is eating into the Vitamix and ta da baby food! At Aldi's the other day I was able to pick up blueberries cheap for only 99 cents a box. So we went blueberry crazy. I threw them in the Vitamix and out came what looked like blueberry pudding. Mary is enjoying eating, however, I think it's really about her chewing on the spoon.

Here Mary is saying... give me those blueberries!
Mmmm... Blueberries
I love my spoon!
Mary got a little extra messy, since her siblings were trying to help feed her.

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