Friday, August 20, 2010


Every once in a while, I will receive comments. Most I post, some I don't. I normally know the people who post, they are friends or family. But recently, I had an anonymous comment from someone who is concerned about the health of our children eating a vegan diet. They were kind and stated their concern. They had a link to an article, which I read. The article was about Vit. D deficiency. We want to thank you for your concern, but our children are fine.

I want to reassure everyone reading our blog that are children are healthy and I believe more healthy than the families who are constantly stopping at the drive-thru. We have had blood tests on our children and know how each of their bodies process Vitamins and Minerals. For instance, our son, has low Iron, and no matter how much kale or spinach the boy eats, his body doesn't process it well. The solution, supplements. At his last Iron check, the doctor said he is doing GREAT! As for Vit. D, we know that it has been in the news a lot recently. It doesn't matter if your vegan or the biggest milk drinker around, you can have low Vit. D. In fact, did you know that Vit. D is actually added to milk. It's a supplement they put in there. My children don't have to drink milk to get the Supplements. They just swallow a pill. (Which they are all proud they can do, all but Hannah.)

So rest easy, we love our children, and take good care of them. Our children take a Multi- Vitamin daily, as well as, extra Vitamin D, and then my son takes his Iron, just like his mommy. Their B-12 was fine. But things can change, which is why we will continue to have our children's blood work taken. Hope this helps with your concern.

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