Friday, August 6, 2010

Family Conference

Here is a link to our Church's Family Conference.

"The Presbytery has arranged its sixth annual family conference, to be held once again in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, amidst the Appalachian mountains of Virginia. One purpose of the conference is to provide an opportunity for people in our congregations and many other friends to build fellowship in preparation for prayer and common labor.

It is also intended that the conference would give instruction in the Reformed faith, stir us up to seek maturity in godliness, and present the need for missionary outreach and for the establishment of new churches across the United States.

There will be an extensive booktable with low prices, representing a choice selection of Reformed and Puritan literature, including a number of items which are now out of print. The emphasis of the booktable will be on spirituality in the tradition of the Scottish Reformation. This is an opportunity to build up a library of the best in classical Reformed theology and experimental religion.

It is desired that such conferences will be a regular means of mutual encouragement. Interested parties from outside the Presbytery are warmly encouraged to attend."

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