Monday, August 16, 2010

Visit with the Mathna's in PA

Grammy and Pappy with Mary Kate
Pappy (Clark) and Caleb (Clark)
Aunt Kendra with Mary Kate

Aunt Kendra with the Children
The view from the back of Edmonson house looking out to the mountains, this was a BEAUTIFUL view, we got there just as the sun was setting.

Grammy showing the kids the barn. I was a little nervous as it was posted and dark, but that didn't stop Grammy.
The well.
Grammy told us this is where my children's Great Great Grandmother baked bread.
(We got the scoop on this chimney from my Grandfather's sister Eleanor, here is what she wrote, "The chimney you saw belonged to the summer house, the Bake Oven stood in front of the summer house, but it has been tore down, which is kind of sad, for it was a landmark. When I was growing up, we cooked and ate in the summer house, it was neat, with a cookstove and it own dishes, then at night-time we would go over to the big house to sleep. Not cooking there made it a little cooler." )
The children checking out the property.

Grammy showing the children the barn.
We have a picture of my Grandfather holding a snake standing in front of this exact fence. Most of it has been taken down, but this is a small section still standing.
Inside the barn. (it was dark out, but my flash lite it up.)
Grammy has a photo of my Great Grandfather standing in front of this chicken coop at this exact spot.

This past Saturday, we had the chance to have a very short visit with the Mathna's. During our visit, we had the chance to visit the Edmonson Farm. This is where my Grandfather spent many years of his life. Grammy Mathna enjoyed showing the kids around the farm. And then when returning to their home looking at old photos of where they had just visited.

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