Thursday, September 30, 2010


I have had a ton of different questions from my blog followers. I will try and get to each one of your questions, one at a time. One of the more recent comments that we have been asked are...

Are you skirts only?
However, my girls would love if I would answer yes.
Chris says we are skirts mostly.

We do not have any Biblical convictions on skirts only. The girls enjoy making themselves pretty and look girly. We feel more feminine when we wear them. And they remind us that we are ladies. Take the women's bathroom sign, how do we know which bathroom to use?

That's right... she is wearing a dress/skirt.


Our neighbors in NC gave us their trampoline before we left for SC. With the weather cooling off, Daddy finally got a chance to put it up. The kids were so excited!!! The safety net broke and needs re-welded. But my trampoline as a child never had a safety net, so I'm okay with the big kids jumping. I know, there will be some, people who disagree. But something we can all agree on are those dirty feet!!! Yuck! There's no lying to mama. I can tell if you were jumping.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A place for my dehydrator

We enjoy our dehydrator, but it takes up way to much counter space. My solution, a microwave cart! I went on Craig's List and found this one. Got some spray paint, distress painted it, and Ta Da, a place for my dehydrator.

Here was the Craig's List Photo. (Before)

Here is my photo. (After)

I think I may have distressed the cart a little too much. Also, check out my compost bin. I painted it too. It used to be my grandfather's ash bucket, it was rusty and dented. But after some cleaning up and a little paint, it looks nice.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mary on the Mend

We want to thank all our friends and family for their prayers for Mary Kate. She is on the mend, and sleeping better each day, with just a few coughs here and there. Last night she only woke 3 times!!! Which to some may think is still bad, but to me, is WONDERFUL! I can tell she is feeling better each day. Praise the Lord for his healing.

Now that Mary is starting to feel better, she is getting more floor time again and is almost crawling, however, it's hard for this cutie to get floor time, as there are so many hands in the house that want to hold her.

I was excited to put this outfit on Mary. To my blog followers it's just a normal outfit. But I remember the day my mom and I went to the mall in NJ (at the Children's Place) and bought this outfit for Abigail. All 5 of my dear daughters have now worn it. It is starting to show it's age, but to me it's a special outfit. It was a little too warm to add the sweet little sweater that goes with it. It is also exciting to see Mary in 6-9 month old clothing. Mary is the 1st baby to successfully nurse until 7 months old. Which is another thing to praise the Lord for his goodness. And for the last month or more, I have exclusively nursed her, as with her sickness, I felt mama's milk was the best thing for her, and she didn't mind not taking solids. Now that Mary is on the mend, she is reaching for what we eat again, so I will be introducing solids into her diet.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Pig Tails!

Hannah is growing up and her hair is finally long enough for Pig Tails!
She is a cutie. And, yes, that is green smoothie on her face from breakfast.

A Snake in Daddy's Office!

Yes, you read that title right.
There has been lots of science class going on around the Reeder house.

We have no clue how he got in.
Have I ever mentioned I HATE snakes?

Our attack Cat

Some content in this video may not be suitable for some children.
Although, all seven of our children watched.
(A squirrel was hurt in the making of this video.)
And yes, there is hair in our bushes, we put it there for the birds.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I want to start by saying I wrote my first blog post after an extremely exhausting day. This is my new blog post. What my first post failed to mention was Chris and I are skeptical concerning the medical profession. We are not saying we hate nurses and doctors, we have a lot of friends and family who work in medical profession and we think they are wonderful people. And in a true emergency, we would LOVE for them to be available to help. But, we try to stay away from any modern medicine as much as we can. We only took Mary in the first place to silence others in their concern for our baby. I have not studied medicine, but I have raised six other children and know what things to keep an eye out for concerning sickness. Mary had no temp, was happy as can be, was eating well, and other than this simply horrible cough, was fine. Since we still don't have a doctor down here in SC, I googled searched Pediatric Urgent Care (which our nurse friend, Christi, had advised me to do in the past) the search brought up the facility 'Doctors Care' as the following: "Open evenings and weekends for family care, urgent care and pediatrics." Seeing the word, "Pediatrics" I thought, great this is a place that will be able to care for my baby. Also, in my experience, knowing Mary's symptoms, and the length of time she has had her cough, I figured, she will need a chest x-ray. 'Doctors Care' boast that they prove x-rays on site. I thought great, I will be able to have everything taken care of at one place. However, when being seen, the staff, as well as, the equipment was NOT prepared for attending to my 6 month old needs. In fact, the doctor told me, "We really don't have the means here to test your baby." The staff fumbled around with the equipment, trying to get it to work for my 6 month old, when it was obviously not made for a baby so young. The doctor said her ears looked clear, her temp was fine, she sounded a little congested, but then there was "the cough", and it sounded like whopping cough. They took her blood for a simple blood test (they poked and poked my baby, and the nurse said, "sorry baby, this is the smallest needle we have here") and then they asked me to wait around, as the x-ray tech doesn't get there until noon. After waiting, the doctor came back saying. Well... I guess the tech isn't coming in today. You'll have to go somewhere else to get your x-ray done. Then the doctor said, before you go, we need to get an oxygen saturation level. When checking Mary's air intake, the nurse flipped out putting her on oxygen. The doctor came running back in saying her blood work was bad and he would like her taken by ambulance to the ER. I said, "No I'll drive her, just give me the address". He was like... what? I said, "Her condition has not changed since I drove her here". She has a "cough", I'll drive her. He ran out of the room, (I think to cancel the ambulance, shocked that I said no.) The staff lost my confidence in them early in the visit, when their office was noticeably not pediatric and then no x-ray tech. Chris and I believe that we have the final say over our children's health. We know and love our children, we want to do what is best for them. We home school, because we don't want the government in control of our children and what they decide should be put into their minds. Despite how doctor's make us feel, we are in charge of our children's health, including what goes into their bodies. God has put us, Chris and Kara Reeder, in charge of baby Mary, and despite what people in the health industry think, we have the final say in what we feel is best. Mary has been with me since birth, the doctor had only met her an hour before.

I remained calm, knowing how many other times health professionals have given me scares over, what was not as bad as they said. I drove home, got myself some "Raw" lunch, knowing that if I was going to the ER, I'd be there a while. Remember I'm a full-time nursing mama. Mary only eats because I eat. Plus, I had six other children who needed lunch as well. Chris drove Mary and I to the ER, as we ate on the way.

We where at the hospital forever! They monitored Mary's oxygen saturation levels, which were fine. Her levels went lower when she had her coughing fits, but never low enough to require oxygen. Mary got a chest x-ray, which was clear. No pneumonia or fluid build up. Then she was swabbed, three times down her nose. They kept saying... huh, she sounds horrible, but no temp, ears are fine, lungs are fine, her oxygen was normal, and the only thing left was that the doctor thought it may be whooping cough. They did the test and sent us on our way home, because there was nothing else they could do for her. They will be calling us with the results today. The only thing they didn't mention was prayer, but we know better (by the grace of God).

Monday, September 20, 2010


Along with fall comes germs.

And the Reederbunch is sick. Yes, all 9 of us.

I won't be posting until our house is feeling better.

Please keep us in your prayers.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

All about Fall...

Fall is here!
Fall is my favorite season full of my favorite colors!
Here are some photos of my fall decor.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Caleb's Shooting Lessons

This past Saturday, Chris took the boys over to our friends farm to have some shooting lessons. Caleb loved it. Caleb was given a B B Gun a few months ago from his Great Grandfather Carnes. But since then, he is now ready to move up to a 22. He is getting ready for small game season, when he can't wait to shoot his first squirrel or rabbit. Elijah enjoyed watching, but it won't be that long before he will be learning how to work the B B Gun.

Abi's Sewing Lessons

My grandmother, Myrtle, taught me to sew years ago when I was a young girl. I have been able to use that ability to sew several things. But when it comes to patterns and understanding the specific names of different stitches my grandmother never taught me those things or I don't remember. I started to teach Abi to sew, but wanted her to have a firm foundation of sewing, so, I decided to get her sewing lessons. Here are some photos of her first class. The teacher said Abi did very well. The classes are inexpensive for the one-on-one attention that Abigail receives, and I know that she is getting instruction that will last her a lifetime.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

More Than Diamonds

This past Thursday night was date night for Chris and I. Our friend Mark Cochran is co-producer of a new independent film, "More Than Diamonds". We were invited to the red carpet event. What a fun date night to get dressed up and walk the red carpet.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Those of you who know me, know that I have always loved to take my bunch to the park, so that they can burn off all their energy. However, ever since we have moved to SC, we have yet to go to the park! And there is even one less than five minutes from our house! With the weather cooling off, I decided it was about time. I cut up a watermelon, packed up the bunch, and headed over to our new park. The children had a blast! Here are some photos I captured. Abigail was there, just no pictures of her.

Climbing the wall.
Riding a Motorcycle, just like Pappy.
First time in a swing!
More fun eating it than swinging. Let's hope the sun took care of any germs that were on it!
The swing Hannah's favorite.
This boy needed to come to the park!
Just look at that face! Elijah was d-ir-ty!