Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mary on the Mend

We want to thank all our friends and family for their prayers for Mary Kate. She is on the mend, and sleeping better each day, with just a few coughs here and there. Last night she only woke 3 times!!! Which to some may think is still bad, but to me, is WONDERFUL! I can tell she is feeling better each day. Praise the Lord for his healing.

Now that Mary is starting to feel better, she is getting more floor time again and is almost crawling, however, it's hard for this cutie to get floor time, as there are so many hands in the house that want to hold her.

I was excited to put this outfit on Mary. To my blog followers it's just a normal outfit. But I remember the day my mom and I went to the mall in NJ (at the Children's Place) and bought this outfit for Abigail. All 5 of my dear daughters have now worn it. It is starting to show it's age, but to me it's a special outfit. It was a little too warm to add the sweet little sweater that goes with it. It is also exciting to see Mary in 6-9 month old clothing. Mary is the 1st baby to successfully nurse until 7 months old. Which is another thing to praise the Lord for his goodness. And for the last month or more, I have exclusively nursed her, as with her sickness, I felt mama's milk was the best thing for her, and she didn't mind not taking solids. Now that Mary is on the mend, she is reaching for what we eat again, so I will be introducing solids into her diet.