Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A place for my dehydrator

We enjoy our dehydrator, but it takes up way to much counter space. My solution, a microwave cart! I went on Craig's List and found this one. Got some spray paint, distress painted it, and Ta Da, a place for my dehydrator.

Here was the Craig's List Photo. (Before)

Here is my photo. (After)

I think I may have distressed the cart a little too much. Also, check out my compost bin. I painted it too. It used to be my grandfather's ash bucket, it was rusty and dented. But after some cleaning up and a little paint, it looks nice.


kim paterka said...

This is cute! I was first introduced to your blog by a friend because of your minimalist decor and organization. How is that going in your new house? Will you post pics like you did before? Are your kiddies clothes set up like before? And lastly, do you keep a certain number of clothing items per child? This is something I've considered doing but never seem to be able to quite make it happen!

Reeder said...

I am slowly getting to questions again. I hope to get to yours soon. We have been going through clothes and switching them out. I like to keep 10 outfits per kid plus church clothes. My husband still thinks that is too many. :)