Thursday, September 30, 2010


I have had a ton of different questions from my blog followers. I will try and get to each one of your questions, one at a time. One of the more recent comments that we have been asked are...

Are you skirts only?
However, my girls would love if I would answer yes.
Chris says we are skirts mostly.

We do not have any Biblical convictions on skirts only. The girls enjoy making themselves pretty and look girly. We feel more feminine when we wear them. And they remind us that we are ladies. Take the women's bathroom sign, how do we know which bathroom to use?

That's right... she is wearing a dress/skirt.

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ChristopherPaul said...

I think we have to conclude the restroom lady is wearing a dress not a skirt just as we have to assume the man is um either naked or wearing a one piece cover all type suit.