Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Beautiful Truth

As many of you know Chris and I have followed Dr. Furhman's diet, Eat to Live, for a few years now. We occasionally hit bumps in the road in our eating, as we did during our PA visit. (We are currently detoxing from our visit.)

During our visit to a sister church this past Lord's Day, our friends told us about a new movie, "The Beautiful Truth". You can watch it in parts on Youtube for free. Which I highly recommend, especially if you or someone you love is struggling with heart disease, Cancer, or another chronic disease. The video is about Gerson Therapy.

The video re-affirmed to us that diet is very important to a healthier you. And our family is glad to be back to our regular eating, even though, the splurge was fun. It was exactly that a splurge, and not a diet we should be eating daily.

Here is the link to the videos...

Monday, November 29, 2010

Hunting and Dressing

This past weekend, my dad and Chris took Caleb on his first hunting trip. What a memorable event! The men woke up early and went to the mountains. Caleb has been dreaming and waiting for this day for weeks! He had been reading up on his game and learning all about small game.

Chris, Caleb, and my dad, Clark.

We made them pose for several photos.

Caleb with his daddy, Chris.

After several hours in the mountains and trying to find land that wasn't posted, the men went over to my grandfather's sister, Eleanor's land to hunt. Thanks Eleanor for allowing our family to hunt on your land. They had success!

Warning... The following photos may not be appropriate for everyone.

(Taken with Chris' phone right after the kill.)

Caleb's first kill.

Caleb shot his first game, a rabbit, with his new 22.

Caleb was so excited! We are proud of you Caleb. Great Job!

Grammy with Mary Kate.

Along with Caleb dreaming of going hunting, Abigail has been excited about dressing game and cooking it. She got a book at the library which she used as she dressed the rabbit. The following photos are of Abigail dressing the rabbit. These photos are very graphic.

Pappy helping Abigail skin the rabbit.

Abigail skinning the rabbit.

Abigail dressing the rabbit. Elijah and Caleb watching.

Dressed and ready to cook.

Cleaned and into the pot. This rabbit was boiled and eaten.

Carne/Reeder Visit

This past Friday, we had a sweet visit with the Carnes and Reeder Families.

Great Grandma Carnes with cousin Christian and Mary.

Happy Babies.

The babies checking out Great Grandma.

Great Grandma Carnes with Abigail.
Abigail and Great Grandma share a love of sewing. On this visit, Great Grandma blessed Abigail with her very own sewing machine. It's a wonderful machine that Great Grandma, herself, used to use. Abigail is so excited to get sewing on her very own machine. Thank you Great Grandma for the wonderful gift!

Abigail wasn't the only one who received a blessing. Great Grandpa Carnes also passed on a gun to Caleb that he wanted to keep in the family. Caleb was super excited, as Caleb wants to become an excellent marks man. And can't wait to shoot it.

Everyone tells us that Zoe looks like Grandma Reeder, what do you think?

Kara with the babies.

Abigail with her sister and cousin Christian.

No Football, Target Practice

On Thanksgiving day, instead of Football, the Reeder's did Target Shooting. This past fall, we got Caleb his first 22, and this was the first time he got to shoot it. Caleb had a chance to do some Target Practice as he prepared for his first hunting trip.

Caleb with his new 22.
First time shooting his new 22.

Target Practice.

Abigail shooting Great Grandpa Edmonson's 22.

Abi shot wood off the saw horse.

Aunt Kendra shooting 22 pistol.

Abi shooting the 22 pistol.

Caleb teaching Aunt Kendra how to load his 22.

Kara shooting the 22 pistol.

Chris shooting the 22.


Every Thanksgiving the Mathna family puts out a huge spread. Here are some photos from Thanksgiving day.

Sitting down to dinner.

Kara cutting her Festive Chickpea Tart. (which was really good)

Another photo of the family gathered around the table.

Another photo. We love to gather together with food.


Pappy Mathna

Mary's 1st Thanksgiving.

There is always lots of leftovers.

Carlisle Military Museum

This past week, we traveled to PA for Thanksgiving. Chris' parents live in Carlisle, PA, and every time we go to Carlisle we talk about stopping at the new Military Museum. This time we did. The kids had a blast! After being in the van for over 10 hours it was a perfect way for them to get their energy out. The children are hoping to be able to go back and visit in the spring. Here are a few photos.

Walking on the trail.
The girls pretending to ride in the carriage.
Chris and Hannah checking out a tank.
Caleb and Elijah posing by a chopper.
Papa and cousin Reily.
Kara, Hannah, and Mary by the fort.
Reeder Kids with cousin Morgan.
Grace and Abigail posing with cousin Morgan.
Chris, Kara and baby Mary.

Cousin Reily and Hannah playing.