Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Beautiful Truth

As many of you know Chris and I have followed Dr. Furhman's diet, Eat to Live, for a few years now. We occasionally hit bumps in the road in our eating, as we did during our PA visit. (We are currently detoxing from our visit.)

During our visit to a sister church this past Lord's Day, our friends told us about a new movie, "The Beautiful Truth". You can watch it in parts on Youtube for free. Which I highly recommend, especially if you or someone you love is struggling with heart disease, Cancer, or another chronic disease. The video is about Gerson Therapy.

The video re-affirmed to us that diet is very important to a healthier you. And our family is glad to be back to our regular eating, even though, the splurge was fun. It was exactly that a splurge, and not a diet we should be eating daily.

Here is the link to the videos...

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Courtney Engle said...

I was certified a while ago through http://biblicalhealthinstitute.com and highly recommend things in this approach. See also the Hallelujah Diet by George Malkmus and also Dr. Bob. Both of them plus Jordan Rubin have been a blessing to learning a better approach. I also joined the CSA at Wilson College. It's the best local fresh organic food in season available!