Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Being Frugal and Stewardship

I know it's been a while since I have posted. You may have been wondering where I have been. In an effort to save money, I have been pulled away from the computer, which has been replaced by the kitchen. I have been making my own cleaning products which is not only frugal, but fun for the kids. My desire to be frugal is in an effort that I may be a better steward of what the Lord has given me. I have to ask myself, is the Lord pleased and glorified in the way that I am using the provisions he has given me? In these financially difficult times, could I be blessing someone who is really suffering?

You could expand on this and not only think if you are being a good steward of your money, you could ask yourself, am I being a good steward of my time.

Recently at our church, we had a guest speaker, Dr. John Carrick, from Greenville Seminary, who spoke on the parable of the pounds. I believe you would be blessed to listen and get your head thinking.

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