Thursday, December 9, 2010

No more plastic

Not long after Chris and I were married glasses, glass plates, and glass bowls were banded from our home. There were just to many casualties on our dishes. Then, when I had 5 children, 5 years of age and under. I actually went out and bought some "special" plastic plates and bowls which became our everyday dinnerware. If you came to our house you were eating off of plastic. Many memories were shared eating family meals around our dinner table off our special plastic plates. Well, yesterday was a memorable day in Reeder history. We said goodbye to all plastic bowls and plates. We purchased 32 everyday bowls and 32 everyday plates, yes you read that right, 32 of each. We bought extra in case of accidents, but with our children getting older and our older children being more responsible. It was time to move on from plastic. There was a new sound around our dinner table, it was the sound of metal against our new porcelain plates and bowls. There will be many new memories made around our family dinner table which will include our new plates and bowls, and I'm sure a few of those memories will include the sound of breaking. But we are prepared for that. Here are photos of our first meals using our new bowls and plates.

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