Friday, December 10, 2010

Pizza Night

Tonight we did something that we haven't done in over a year! We had a vegan build your own pizza night. A few years ago I did a blog on our very first healthy vegan pizza night, which can be seen here. * Updated to say, I found a more recent link.... here. The recipe hasn't changed. It's still not the real deal, but it's A LOT healthier! I made homemade Whole Wheat crusts, homemade pizza sauce, and homemade vegan cheeze. We also had a lot of fun healthy toppings. I took a lot of photos. Enjoy!

After a few hours of pre-baking personal pizza crusts and preparing toppings,
the table was ready!

The Reederbunch ready to build their own pizzas.

Spreading their own sauce.

Spreading their own Cheeze.

And adding their own toppings. Hydrated soy bacon bits were a popular pick.

The pineapple was a big hit too!

Loading up the pizzas. Chris adding broccoli.

Black Olives are a family favorite!

Abigail helping Hannah.

Pizzas ready for the oven.

Abigail's pizza hot out of the oven.

Grace's pizza hot out of the oven.

Hannah eating her pizza.

We played a trick on daddy. Switching his pizza with a mini that mommy made.

Isn't he cute, ah, I mean the pizza cute.

Caleb ready to eat his pizza.

Zoe ready to eat her pizza.

Doesn't it look yummy?

Mommy with her pizza.

Daddy with his real size pizza.

Leftovers! The little kids couldn't eat their whole pizza.

More leftovers.
We couldn't save these, because all the toppings were licked off,
so the cats enjoyed some pizza too!

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