Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pressure Canner

Here is a photo of my new toy. A pressure canner. I was looking to buy a regular canner, but in doing research, I realized that a pressure canner was a better deal. I will be able to can even more things with it.
It all started by me wanting to can oranges. Yes, I said Oranges! Ever eat those small mandarin oranges? Well, my kids used to love them. Oranges have been SUPER cheap and I started thinking about how to preserve them, so I could have some delicious inexpensive oranges come summer, when they are expensive and taste bad. I found out if I do a little work now, I will have some sweet blessings come summer.
Plus, I love the fact that I will control exactly what will go into them. Tonight we canned 14 quarts of oranges, packed in orange juice, no sugar for the Reederbunch. The children were a huge blessing, as they rolled and peeled oranges, lots and lots of oranges. I think I only peeled 4, as the children kept me busy filling up the jars. More photos to come.

*Updated... here is a photo of our finished product. We canned 14 quarts of oranges and 7 quarts of pinto beans. Beans of course store perfectly fine dry, but sometimes I don't have time to cook them, this way, I will have some beans ready which could be eaten right out of the jar.


Anonymous said...

What exactly went into your canned oranges? Do you mean the actual fruit juice or did you add orange juice from a bottle? How did you prep the beans? I buy canned beans when I don't have time to cook them, but this would be so much cheaper!
Kim :)

Reeder said...

I use the website... http://www.pickyourown.org/

I used bottle orange juice, the website will tell you all about the oranges and beans.