Friday, January 28, 2011

Mary and Lady

All of our children have already been able to pet and be sniffed by Lady, except Mary Kate. This morning I wanted Mary to have a chance to meet Lady. Here are a few photos of baby and puppy!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A change in the puppy plan...

Just got a call from the breeders...

we will be getting our new puppy this Thursday!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Puppy Name

This morning, our family finally decided on a name for our new boxer puppy.

Her name shall be....

Lady Smith

Yes, like the gun. Since we are getting her for protection the name seemed perfect. For short we will be calling her Lady.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Playful Pup

A few years ago, Chris did research on different breeds of dogs. He wanted to figure out which breed would be best for our family. The breed he felt that would be best for us was a Boxer. We wanted a dog for protection, but the timing wasn't right.
Then after our recent house purchase, the idea was raised again to get a dog. We had a friend that was selling Boarder Collies, and I thought it may be the perfect dog for us, because we are planning our farm, but Chris didn't think it was the right timing, since we didn't have any animals yet.
A few more weeks had passed and the idea of getting a dog was brought up, again. We asked ourselves why we wanted a dog? Once again, the answer was for protection. We decided that a boxer was still the right dog for us. So, the search began.
I found a breeder that had pure breed registered puppies. They wouldn't be ready to leave their mamma for another three weeks, but we would be able to have first pick of the litter. We knew we wanted a girl, not to shy, not to aggressive. Just a middle of the road playful pup. Tonight after a two hour visit with the pups we finally put a deposit on our pup of choice. Here are a few photos of our new pup. We have three weeks until we can pick her up. In that time, we need to decide on a name and get her supplies.

Baby News!

Just wanted to update everyone on my pregnancy.

Chris and I wanted to have a home birth when we lived in NC, but it's illegal. Now that we live in SC, we are legally able to have our first home birth! This morning, I officially choose the midwife that will be delivering baby #8. Her name is Elizabeth Randolph. Chris and I are both extremely excited. It was neat to think that we will be delivering at our new house come August!

I also just started wearing maternity clothing. Here are a couple of photos of me from this past Lord's Day. I think the outfit makes me appear larger than I actually am.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Demo Update!

The demo phase is coming to an end.

Chris pulled off the last piece of drywall today! Yay!!!
Here are a couple of photos of our demo work...

Chris pulling off drywall.

Our stud walls.

The only thing left in the demo phase is to get the rest of those awful staples out, which Chris said will be finished soon.

A penny per staple

Last week, we decided that we needed to tear out all the drywall in our new place. There are several reasons why, but Chris and I decided it was best. So, the drywall is coming off!

The thing is, when drywall comes off, it is revealed that being cheaply made, it isn't screwed on, it's stapled on! Ugh! The STAPLES!!!

This has been a "family" project all along, but to help motivate our children, and to get these staples out, we made it a little more fun for them.

A penny per staple!
We plan to weigh their bounty when we are finished and figure out how much we owe them.
Here are a few photos of this project.

Ugh! This is what I'm talking about... STAPLES.
Whoever install the drywall was staple gun happy.

In order to clean up the wall for the new drywall, which we will be screwing on,
we must first pull out the staples.

Abi pulling out staples, she is on a ladder.

Abi's bucket after an hour on the job!

Caleb on the job.

Since his sister has the ladder, Caleb gets creative in order to reach more staples!

He was also using the best tool, so he got some serious amounts of staples out!

Grace also doing her best.

Only on the job for a short time and things are starting to add up.
She had the worst staple pulling tool!

We will keep you up dated with the children's staple pulling progress.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cabin Fever

We have been home since Sunday and our family is starting to have cabin fever.
Here is a video to remind us all that summer is just around the corner!

Hot Coca and Cookies

Being snowed in for a few days, I decided to make a special treat for the children. Home made Almond milk coca and cookies. The cookies were a huge hit, because I don't normally make stuff like that.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Making Rolls

Snowed In

In SC, there are no snow plows, so when it snows, you have to wait for the snow to melt. The Reederbunch were snowed in yesterday and today we are more iced in. When it snows in SC, everything shuts down, so we have been hanging out at the house. Here are a few photos of the children playing in the snow today.

Monday, January 10, 2011

SC Snow

Yes, SC was hit by snow again! Here are a few photos that I took...

Our Van

The Rental House

Our Holly Bush


Our back door

Friday, January 7, 2011


And we have heat and air. It's nice to finally have heat in all the house. And I know this summer I will be very thankful for the air. We put into our contract that we would like a new air conditioner as well as heat pump. And the contractors were finally able to make it out to the house. Here are a few photos of the installation.

The contractor was very nice and did the job 100%. He enjoyed seeing our family and invited us to his church. We shared that we already had a church. He also, shared the gospel with me several times, sharing the word of God, whenever he would get a chance. He also told me that he works as if he is working for the Lord, which was wonderful to hear, because I am sure he did his job 100%.

67 w

We found this 67 w lightbulb in our new house.
We have never heard of a 67w, so I took a picture.


The children work and play hard at the new house and with all the late nights that we have been putting in, the children have started to camp out. Here are a couple of cute photos of the little ones. Also, you can see how we have been heating our house. As part of our contract, we asked that they install a new air conditioner and heat pump, which the contractors will be doing soon, but in the mean time, we have been using kerosene.

The Dump

We have been making lots of trips to the dump these days. And it's amazing how much stuff will fit into our old mini van that Chris uses as his truck. On this day, I had our household trash in my van and Chris was taking a load of house waste in his. Abigail was his helper this day, it's normally Caleb.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Our Helpers

I want to say a special "Thank You" to our dear friends the Vernon's who came out to help with our demo work. Work is more fun when you have friends to chat with. Plus, it gets done in twice the time!

**Updated to say... An extra "Thank You" for a yummy lunch!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Monstrous Pantry

Today we did more demo work. Chris didn't need a closet in his office, but I thought it would be nice to have some extra pantry space, so... we busted out another wall. Here are a few photos from the demo work. His closet was right next to our pantry, so now I have a monstrous pantry! Woo Hoo!!! Demo work is fun!