Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Playful Pup

A few years ago, Chris did research on different breeds of dogs. He wanted to figure out which breed would be best for our family. The breed he felt that would be best for us was a Boxer. We wanted a dog for protection, but the timing wasn't right.
Then after our recent house purchase, the idea was raised again to get a dog. We had a friend that was selling Boarder Collies, and I thought it may be the perfect dog for us, because we are planning our farm, but Chris didn't think it was the right timing, since we didn't have any animals yet.
A few more weeks had passed and the idea of getting a dog was brought up, again. We asked ourselves why we wanted a dog? Once again, the answer was for protection. We decided that a boxer was still the right dog for us. So, the search began.
I found a breeder that had pure breed registered puppies. They wouldn't be ready to leave their mamma for another three weeks, but we would be able to have first pick of the litter. We knew we wanted a girl, not to shy, not to aggressive. Just a middle of the road playful pup. Tonight after a two hour visit with the pups we finally put a deposit on our pup of choice. Here are a few photos of our new pup. We have three weeks until we can pick her up. In that time, we need to decide on a name and get her supplies.

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Kim said...

We LOVE our boxer!