Monday, January 17, 2011

A penny per staple

Last week, we decided that we needed to tear out all the drywall in our new place. There are several reasons why, but Chris and I decided it was best. So, the drywall is coming off!

The thing is, when drywall comes off, it is revealed that being cheaply made, it isn't screwed on, it's stapled on! Ugh! The STAPLES!!!

This has been a "family" project all along, but to help motivate our children, and to get these staples out, we made it a little more fun for them.

A penny per staple!
We plan to weigh their bounty when we are finished and figure out how much we owe them.
Here are a few photos of this project.

Ugh! This is what I'm talking about... STAPLES.
Whoever install the drywall was staple gun happy.

In order to clean up the wall for the new drywall, which we will be screwing on,
we must first pull out the staples.

Abi pulling out staples, she is on a ladder.

Abi's bucket after an hour on the job!

Caleb on the job.

Since his sister has the ladder, Caleb gets creative in order to reach more staples!

He was also using the best tool, so he got some serious amounts of staples out!

Grace also doing her best.

Only on the job for a short time and things are starting to add up.
She had the worst staple pulling tool!

We will keep you up dated with the children's staple pulling progress.

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(Kerri) said...

Oh, the fun of it! Ha, ha. We did this with our girls, but with nails. After Jeremiah finished our barn the goats got into the box of nails and they somehow managed to make their way ALL around the yard. We got the yard cleaned up in no time. Funny thing was, months later one of the girls found a small amount of nails, and came for their pay!